Feb 27, 2016

The Gentle Enigma

Where art thou?
The girl from my dream
Thou gentleness
Is like a calm breeze
Where art thou?
The girl from my dream
An enigma
A mystery to perceive
Where art thou?
The girl from my dream
There you are
Sitting elegantly
But art thou real?
The girl from my dream
For it is a question
I pondered silently
Say hello
Smile gleefully
For if you were real
I would be happy

May 24, 2015

Sunday's Poem

La Familia

I. I was a wolf who walked without a pack
For I believed that everyone is a total quack
So I sift and shift through everlasting sands
Without a tinkling of hope for friends to hold my hands

I was naturally a pessimistic, you see
And it was naive for my mind to let it be
For the gift that I shall later received
Was a gift that I could never truly believed

So came Ash, the sole pillar in my storm
Then came Zimmer, the one voice that holds the norm
But out of nowhere, came the two ladies
Sham and Yuha, the everlasting Valkyries

So High Five, the name were christened
By the ever jovial Hans who smitten the heathen
And I sat there wondering
Is this name even working?

Truth and fate, two different individuals
Neither were trustworthy, both were infidels
But these four people you see, sit with me through thick and thin
As I metaphorically threw my shit through reality's bargain bin

Indeed, they had seen me in my normality
They had seen me when I was an inch away towards insanity
So my trust in them grew and grew
Until one day, I knew that this is true

I know now, there shall never be an end
In my bittersweet journey to find a friend
For instead of friends, I found myself a small family
That shall stay with me through sadness and tragedy